Publications (Veröffentlichungen) by Joachim Beckh

you find some of the publications in this blog, other you can request from me directly.

“Informationsschrift zur Marinefernmeldeschule”
45 Jahre Marinefernmeldeschule (MFmS) und 100 Jahre Fernmeldeausbildung in Flensburg
Information booklet in German Language about the former Naval Communication School 1956 – 2002

“Lehrsammlung der Marinefernmeldeschule”
Article in German for the Communication School of the Austrian Armed Forces (Fernmeldetruppenschule, FMTS)

“Abzeichen des Fernmeldepersonal der Deutschen Marine”
Brief Information in German Language about the Ensignia of the Naval Communicators

“50 Jahre Marine-Fernmeldewesen”
50 years of naval communications in the German Navy in German Language

“Lehrsammlung fuer die verwendungsbezogene Ausbildung – Rueckblick und Umzug”
Collection for the field-related training of the Naval Communication School

SarajevoReha-Survival-Set der Marine-Funkerrunde e.V.”
North German Sarajevo-Reha-Survival-Set of the German Naval Radio Association

“Letzter Gruß”
Last Good-Bye to the Collection for the field-related training of the Naval Communication School.

Technical Articles

Besides “BLITZ & ANKER” are articles in news paper and other publications…

“INTEROPERABILITÄT – Können wir uns das noch leisten?”
An article about INTEROPERABILITY and the cost to achieve it in German.

XML-Technologie und Interoperabilität”
Möglichkeiten und Einfluss auf NATO– und nationale Standards und Aktivitäten. An article about XML and INTEROPERABILITY in German.

Maritime Security and V-RMTC”
An article about the Virtual Maritime Traffic Center (V-RMTC) and Maritime Security in English.

“Maritime Security from a Systems View”
From Cold War Systems to multinational Civilian-Military Information Exchange. An article about the interacting elements in Maritime Security in English.

“MARSUR Networking – Maritime Surveillance in the European Union.”
Maritime Security or Maritime Surveillance (EU term) has mature in some fields in the European Union, especially in the military community under the European Defence Agency (EDA). Article in English.


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