New developments in Information Technology (IT) inevitably have a direct im-pact on the Information Exchange in Politics, Business and Military establishments. Even in the past the delivering speed of a message has often been a deciding factor between victory and defeat.

19th Century researchers in radio-telegraphy brought about the raw material for today’s IT in which all the original procedures are now electronically com-pounded. Marconi, Morse and Bell are world known inventors. In Germany, pio-neers such as Reis, the Count of Arco and Huelsmeyer have received lesser rec-ognition and Ferdinand Schneider from Fulda has remained almost completely unnoticed.

But Technology alone has hardly a life of its own. The choice of its employment is what gives it a true identity recognizable only in the marks left by it throughout time. History shows that even the best of materials can fulfill its highest potentials only in the hands of the most competent people.

The way from the Wigwag Signal to the digital Information Exchange has received here extensive coverage.

I worked eight years on two volumes of the book BLITZ & ANKER, which has lots of details about Communication and Information Systems with their respective historical background. Since Google took the freedom and effort to scan both of the volumes, I might as well take the copyright violation as a compliment to my work and provide the link:

Copyright violated Author (CvA)


Joachim Beckh


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