NMEA 0183 to NMEA 2000 Standard Conversion

Bringing NMEA 0183 data to NMEA 2000 Standards by Weatherdock Australia
29 Apr 2013

NMEA 2000 allows the integration of up to 50 devices on a single network of information on a vessel. NMEA 2000 removes the need for individual installation and configuration of NMEA 0183 compliant devices by adhering to the latest standard for “plug and play” installation.

With a simple two-­pair cable connection to the older NMEA0183 device, the easyN2Konnect then connects via a “T” piece to the existing NMEA 2000 network allowing NMEA 2000 devices to receive relevant information automatically.

This latest network standard allows sensors such as AIS, wind, depth etc to automatically send their information to a chart plotter or NMEA 2000 compliant PC connection for the simplest of installations. The NMEA 2000 network is installed Stem-­to-­Stern, powered by 12VDC and terminated at each end.

End user interest:

With the development & adoption of NMEA 2000 standards by all marine manufacturers worldwide, installation and setup of sensors and devices on a vessel has reached a milestone in simplifying the integration of a new device. Any NMEA 0183 compliant device can be brought up to the latest NMEA 2000 standard, saving further expense of purchasing new hardware to meet the new standard.

Simple installation: four screws, two wires and one connector

More Information
Weatherdock Australia http://www.weatherdock.com.au +61 2 46 28 7550



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