Security from Systems View (SecSys, zɛksiːstn̩)

Security from Systems View (SecSys, zɛksiːstn̩)

is a network created at for professionals working in the field of designing and developing new systems – mainly in the field of Security.

International issues and challenges in Security used are complex and the solutions are certainly dependent in large measure upon the exchange of timely, accurate information among the optimum set of participants in land, air, maritime, space, civilian, military and non-governmental.

Information Sharing Capability (ISC) is to assist joint and coalition military organizations in their efforts to collaborate, plan and coordinate operations, exchange information, and build situational awareness with both traditional and non-traditional mission partners across various mission sets.

These mission partners include, but are not limited to, government agencies; foreign governments and their militaries; international organizations; regional organizations; nongovernmental organizations; state, local and tribal authorities; and members of the public and private sectors.

Current operations are distinguished by command and control capabilities enhanced by rapid IT innovations, communications infrastructure improvements, and a requirement for militaries to interact with new partners, many of which have never previously supported military efforts. Building unity of effort across this diverse group of mission partners poses a significant challenge in operations, particularly those involving non-combat missions.

A challenge arises in accommodating the institutional autonomy of new mission partners who bring to the conduct of operations different organizational cultures, procedures, languages and agendas. In order for coalition and interagency task forces to better work with and engage their extended partners, mission participants require a capability which provides easy and manageable access, interoperability with a large majority of Internet user tools, and services that support the level of collaboration and information exchange necessary to enable time sensitive decisions and wide dissemination of information.

The mission participants require access to a wide array of information, expertise and resources that enable integrated and accessible planning, analysis, assessment, and operational capability to support national and international objectives. In addition, changes in behaviour introduced through the emergence and growth of social networking sites impact on how dispersed military and partnering organizations use the Internet and communications technologies.

Factors in Security System Development:

  • Temporal availability of information
  • Perceived and real value of information exchanged
  • Accuracy and reliability of information
  • Increasing shared awareness by all mission partners and decision makers at all levels
  • Greater awareness of information enabling creativity and original solutions
  • Optimum representative participation in a group or community
  • Ability to lead a group or community to solve a problem or meet a challenge
  • Level of trust, reputation, and reliability among mission partners to collectively achieve a common purpose
  • Optimum behavioral and utilization patterns of participants in the network
  • The optimum level of group membership guidelines that enhances, not constrains, the value derived from the network.
  • Group membership cohesion and coherence
  • Self-awareness and responsiveness of participants to recognize and form a group or community as needed
  • Level of knowledge and awareness to anticipate or foresee a new need or define a new interest
  • Compelling needs of individuals and/or groups to connect, share, and participate
  • Unity of effort, mission coordination and response improved across groups or communities
  • Perceived equity in the amount and value of information shared between members of the group or community
  • Crowd sourcing
  • Cloud computing

The purpose of Security from Systems View (SecSys) is to link the members for exchange of information, ideas and knowledge to master the above challenge.

I created this blog on the side for open discussion of the members outside of the locked LinkedIn group discussions and for others interested in the subject.

Please feel free to start you messaging…
by Joachim Beckh

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